The Click Bubble Is About To Burst

The online attention economy is collapsing in on itself. In this post, learn why the economics of the modern internet are destined for a massive correction - and how to win on the new path forward.

Understanding Quality vs. Quantity

What would it take to broadly improve the state of online content? Our definitions, findings, and ongoing hypotheses.

Flipping The Script

We are on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet. With Readefined, that means making content matter — because today, it doesn’t.

The “Engagement”

Coming Soon

Mapping the many definitions of “engagement” onto a single spectrum that we can all agree on. From attention to participation, onlien to offline.

Verified Engagement, For A Better Internet

Coming Soon

What would happen if you could trust every view, every share, every comment? No bots, no trolls. This is the potential we are building around.

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